If you are competing in multiple jurisdictions or operating across borders and you need assistant with local tax laws, reporting requirements and statutory fillings CORPRO will give you the solution.

Based on our experience, resources and local competencies we can assist you with all aspects of your international taxation needs so as to understand and meet your tax compliance obligations.

It is important for us to make our clients able to identify and reduce their tax risks and implement sound, practical and efficient tax strategies to meet their needs now and in the future.


Our services include:

  • Income tax and double tax treaties services
  • Tax efficient funding and profit repatriation
  • Cross-border financing
  • Transfer Pricing issues
  • Withholding tax due diligence
  • International taxation structures
  • Advice on foreign tax legislation
  • Assist in management of intellectual properties and intangible assets
  • Assist in profit repatriation
  • Effective management of cash circulation or reinvestment within the group
  • Assist in tax matters when organizing a group of companies

If you have already started a business in EU or you are looking to expand to Europe and you need to keep your business updated with the latest EU tax legislation, we may assist you with that.


What we offer:

  • Advice of the correct tax structure that suits to your business
  • Assist on decision-making in the EU framework
  • Keep businesses in line with the latest EU tax updates
  • VAT registration
  • Submission of VAT forms
  • Dealing with VAT returns
  • Assist in compliance with VAT legislation in Cyprus and EU

Tax residence certificate is required in order to benefit for the application of double tax treaties and compliance with local tax regulations.

Jurisdictions we cover:

  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • Portugal

Double Tax certificate is issued to individuals, organizations and eligible government entities to take advantage of agreements of double taxation avoidance of foreign income.

Certificate is issued by the government authorities of each country given that the application is submitted on time and includes all the required information.

Refer to us if you require assistance in the completion of the application so as to complete the process efficiently and on time.

Purpose of tax clearance certificate:

  • To confirm that either an individual or an organization comply with the local government tax regulations
  • To verify that their tax affairs are in order


When tax clearance certificate is required:

  • Tendering for government business contracts
  • Seeking for citizenship and residency
  • Extent the work permits


Before submitting their application for a tax clearance certificate, applicants should ensure that:

  1. their tax affairs are in order
  2. they rendered their tax returns to the relevant tax authority.


An application for Tax Clearance Form must be submitted to the relevant tax authority. We can assist you in completing the application form and send it directly to the tax authority of the jurisdiction you are interested in.