3.322 Cyprus Citizenships were granted in 2015

24 April 2017

As per the statistics issued by Eurostat, approximately 840.000 people acquired a European citizenship in 2015, compared to 890.000 in 2014 and 980.000 in 2013.

In particular, 3.322 people acquired the Cyprus Citizenship in 2015, the majority of which were formerly of Russian origin (34,3%), 8,8% from the United Kingdom and 8,0% from Greece.

According to the results of 2015, there was a significant interest from the citizens of Morocco, Albania and Turkey of acquiring the citizenship from one of the EU Member States.

In particular, 86.136 Moroccans were granted a citizenship from one of the EU Member States of which 88,1% acquired the Italian, Spanish or French Citizenship.

In addition, 48.362 Albanians were granted a citizenship from one of the EU Member States, the majority of which preferred the Italian and Greek citizenships with percentages of 72,6% and 23,8%, respectively. Further to Moroccans and Albanians, a total of 35.000 Turks were granted the European Citizenship of which 56% became German citizens.

As from 2010, more than 5 million people acquired a citizenship from one of the EU Member State, of which 87% were non-EU citizens.

Following the latest updates to the existing Citizenship-By-Investment (CBI) Program by the Council of Ministers on September 13, 2016, Cyprus has become a significantly attractive location for foreign nationals to acquire citizenship and the fastest route to citizenship of an EU country.

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